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Summer is one of the difficult periods to travel because stress can easily set in. Regardless, there are so many ways you can overcome this perceived setbacks as this article will discuss easy and simple ways to plan an exciting and thrilling trip this summer which ends this September.

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Decide on a destination

Deciding on a destination is the most important aspect of planning a summer trip, but with a world of options, picking just one place can be tough. First, consider your budget and the number of days you can spend. Is planning a big international trip in the realm of possibility or does sticking a little closer to home make more sense? After answering this question, you should research the chosen destination to determine its suitability.

Get inspired

Doing all the other legwork will be so much easier when you’re inspired and motivated! To help keep your interest up, check Instagram or travel blogs to find beautiful photographs and facts about your destination. This will give you ideas for specific locations where you’d like to visit or stay.

Research your costs

Plan out a budget ahead of time, including possible costs for visas and required vaccinations. You can find out a lot online about prices for transportation (car rentals, buses, etc.), fares for cultural sites and nature preserves, and menu prices for restaurants you might like to visit. Once you know your financial range, you’ll be able to book and plan everything else more confidently.

Book accommodation and flight

There are some flight and accommodation finders that let you quickly find the lowest prices and compare accommodations/flight to suit your needs. Airbnb is one of the most affordable even though all the lodgings are owned by hosts who sign their property up to be rented by travellers, which can give it a unique and personal feel.

Plan your activities

Now that you’ve got a way there and a place to stay, create an itinerary of what to do! You can look at sites like TripAdvisor or blogs to get ideas. Then, decide on what to do each day based on distance/travel time and level of intensity. Of course, don’t feel obligated to cram in every activity possible — time to just relax or wander is important, too!

Buy travel insurance

Many people don’t know much about travel insurance, but it can be a lifesaver. It will cover cancellation fees, so if there’s an emergency and you can’t make your trip, you’ll recoup most of your expenses in booking your airfare and lodgings. Some plans can even help you with emergency medical expenses.

By: Damilola Faustino

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