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There are many things men can do to stay healthy and active well. Eating a well-rounded diet that suits your activity level, getting enough sleep, doing moderate exercise, and regular check-ups with your doctor can all make a difference. Beyond these factors, men can do their part to stay healthy every day by enjoying specific foods and nutrients. Here are the top 6 power foods for men’s health.


Consumption of enough Apple fruit every day helps reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer in men. This superfood contains flavonoid quercetin which helps in stopping the secretion of the prostate-specific, androgen-regulated and tumour markers in the prostate cells, hence reducing the risk of prostate cancer in. men.


Yoghurt contains a high amount of protein and helps in strengthening and boosting the immune system. Fermentation of yoghurt spawns a good amount of probiotic organisms that serve as reinforcements to bacteria that are beneficial to the body system. This is one of the foods men should eat every day.


Banana is a great source of potassium; it helps to replenish your body after heavy exercise. It also has a massive effect on men’s sexual health as it boosts and increases libido. There are different reasons men should eat these foods every day.


Oats help in managing high blood pressure. The astonishing amounts of fibre diet in oatmeal helps in the lowering of cholesterol and increases the effectiveness of the blood vessels by sticking to all the bad LDL cholesterol in the gut. Oats are definitely on the list of foods men should eat every day.


Tomatoes contain a high amount of antioxidant lycopene. Studies show that eating a diet containing lycopene reduces the risk of bladder, lung, prostate, skin, and stomach cancers. This as well as reducing the risk of coronary artery diseases. The humble tomato comes to the rescue.


Eggs are high protein foods and are also a good source of lutein, which helps in boosting brainpower. Eating one egg daily has been shown to severely reduce the chances of encountering a stroke later in life. It is a simple fix.

By: Damilola Faustino

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