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As a fat girl, there are so many statements that have been made towards me that maybe were not done with the intent of fat-shaming, but at the end of the day were actually fat-shaming. And on behalf of my fat girls and I, I’ve written below some of the phrases that you should never say because they are fat-shaming:

How did you get so fat?

Hellooooo I don’t get how people don’t see this as offensive; so the person gained a little weight and so what?? First of all, you have no business commenting on someone’s weight whatsoever and secondly in case you want to be senseless and you decide to comment, please remember that people gain weight due to various reasons other than eating a lot of food, so don’t be insensitive.

Ewww I feel so fat

Now this just makes it sound like being fat is a bad thing, it is not. You can say you feel bloated, that’s a better way of saying it but don’t ever say you feel so fat because that’s just disrespectful, especially when you say it in front of other fat people.

Stop saying you’re fat, you’re beautiful

Darling, fat IS beautiful, don’t get it twisted! People really need to stop saying this because it makes fat people feel like fat is ugly and that people are only pretty when they’re slim or skinny, and that’s not the truth



You look pretty for a big girl

The audacity in which people use to say this baffles me! What does that even mean?? Another one that kills me is “Did you lose weight? you look so much better?” so I looked ugly before cause I was fat? I mean, I kind of understand the fact that you’re trying to complement the person but still, come on.

Are you sure you want to eat that?

Ah this is the one that pains me the most and this is the ones my colleagues do a lot; although I know they’re trying to help me achieve my weight loss goal but still, it stings sometimes. Imagine trying to enjoy a nice burger and someone says “are you sure you want to eat that?”  Yes bi**h I’m sure, if I wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t have bought it. And I get that sometimes, some people are just looking out for their friend’s best interest but abeg take it dow a notch and don’t make it sound rude and insulting like “you’re fat enough, do you really need to eat that?”

The same goes for why didn’t you go to the gym today? , a lot of people don’t know but this question can come off as rude; they missed one day at the gym, leave them alone, let them breathe. Don’t make it seem like oh “you’re too fat to be skipping gym days” 

By: Dammy Eneli

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