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After watching episode 5, there are many questions that need to be addressed and answered, but if we begin to list all the questions we have, there’ll be no ending to this article, so we’re just going to go with six questions.

Is Jon still on Dany’s side after she burned down King’s Landing?

Jon snow

He looked pretty shocked by her decisions to ignore the bells and burn everyone, but he had sworn his allegiance to her many times over, so we’re really not sure about what’s going to happen next, is Jon snow going to fight Dany for the Iron throne? Or is he going to keep his word and stick by her side no matter what?

Why Did Cersei die like that?


This question is a serious question for the writers. We waited how many seasons for Cersei’s death and to be very honest we would really like to ask the writers why they gave her such a nice death. She literally died in the arms of her lover! We were all anticipating a nice slow wicked death and a lot of people thought that Jamie was going back to Cersei but apparently not, so Jamie’s character development throughout all the seasons just went out the window in one episode.

Who is the prince/princess that was promised?


Melisandre’s visions and prophecies didn’t always work out, but she was very confident either Jon or Dany are “The Prince/Princess That Was Promised”  So who is it, if it’s either of them at this point?  We think it most likely will be Jon Snow but who knows?


Who is Dany going to rule now that she has destroyed King’s Landing?


First of all, what happened to the Iron Throne when the Red Keep was destroyed? Dany has basically burned everything and everyone so even if she becomes queen, who is she going to rule, and where is she going to rule from? Looks like she might end up being Queen of the Ashes.

Will Tyrion remain Daenerys’ Hand?


After season 8, episode 2  revealed to everyone that Cersei tricked Tyrion into believing she would send the Lannister army north, Dany seemed undecided on whether or not she can trust him to advise her further. But now it’s more a question of whether he trusts her, because of her decision to burn down King’s Landing. Also, if he decides not to be her hand,  will Dany kill him for betraying her?

If Dany is now truly mad, does Jon, Tyrion, Arya or someone else end up killing her?

It looks like Dany might no longer have anyone on her side, after basically burning everyone in King’s Landing, and proving that she is indeed the mad queen. So who’s going to be the one to kill her?, A lot of people think it’s Arya while some think it’s Jon, or she might not even die at all (we doubt that, but you can’t trust Game Of Thrones writers) I guess we just have to wait till next week to find out.

By: Dammy Eneli

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