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Quite a handful of people who are working from home are concerned about their digital security and safety. This is because a lot of hackers are looking for vulnerable systems to take advantage of to steal their information or just hijack their system. To nip this in the bud, here are security tips for working from home.

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Protect devices with an antivirus solution

Companies generally undertake a range of measures to protect computers from malware. They install powerful security solutions, prohibit employees from installing applications, restrict online access from unauthorized devices, and so on. At home, it is trickier to provide that level of protection, but leaving a computer vulnerable when work documents are stored there is also a no-no because if they get stolen or destroyed, it’ll be your neck on the chopping block.

Update programs and operating systems

New vulnerabilities are forever being found in applications and operating systems. And cybercriminals can’t resist exploiting them to infiltrate other people’s devices. Often, they rely on people being too lazy to update software, because in the latest versions of programs vulnerabilities are usually patched. So it’s important to regularly update everything installed on any device that you use for work purposes.

Configure Wi-Fi encryption

Protecting the computer won’t help if an attacker connects to your Wi-Fi or takes up residence inside your router. Anyone who does that can intercept everything you send or enter online, including passwords for remote access to an office-based computer or corporate mail. Therefore, it is imperative to configure your network connection correctly.

Change your router login and password

If you have never changed the login and password required to enter the router settings, do so now. The default passwords for many models are not only too weak but also known across the Internet and easily searchable. Attackers often simply write them into the code of malicious programs — if they work, the router is captured and turns into a bot.

Lock your device

Someone can catch a glimpse of your work correspondence even when you’re just having a cup of tea or taking a bathroom break. Therefore, it’s important to lock the screen whenever you get up. Consider the small hassle a tiny price to pay for keeping corporate secrets safe.

Track your progress

So that management doesn’t think that you’re having a holiday instead of remote working, it is more important than ever to stay transparent. That doesn’t mean that you have to create signs of frenzied activity.  Simply make sure that your boss can see what tasks you are working on and how they are progressing. So don’t be too lazy to note this in your company’s task tracker. And be ready to report on what you’ve done and how much time it took.

By: Damilola Faustino

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