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Want to know the six signs of a clout chaser? Well social media has given a lot of people the freedom to do and say whatever they like. Regardless, some people have taken their presence on social media to another level by chasing clout. In the wise words of Cardi B and Offset; “They do anything for clout”. By the way, the literal meaning of chasing clout is someone chasing power or popularity, on social media. If you have done any of the following whether on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram; you are a clout chaser!

A good example is those girls that falsely accused Davido of impregnating them. Unfortunately for them, Davido did not take it as a joke as he got to these girls and forced them to withdraw the accusation.

clout chasing

1) You ask questions you can easily Google

Just because they have a little following, some people have imbibed the habit of asking simple questions they can easily Google on social media. For example, Is there an airport in Ilorin. Why can’t you just Google? These set of guys never have intelligent discussions on their timeline.

2) You share your DM on your timeline

A guy sends you a DM and before he says Jack Robinson, you shared the conversation on your time timeline and everyone is commenting and lambasting the guy. The question is why did you share the DM online if not for clout chasing?

3) You beg for retweets and likes

In a bid to get more retweets and likes, you browse through twitter trending topics and you find users begging for engagement even though they are not competing for anything. As if the likes and retweets will bring them money.

4) You carry offline gist come online even though you know you are wrong

Offline gist should stay offline when you know you are the culprit and you are wrong. Some Nigerians have shared stories or even lies online just because of clout. The story would later be made irrelevant after the other party tells their own side of the story!

5) You falsely accuse someone or a celebrity

Celebrities have their own life to live. So because you don’t have work, you decided to do a long thread to falsely accuse a celebrity. Now your tweet don blow and the celeb slams a lawsuit on you if you do not apologise. In the end you apologise and lose your credibility because you want to clout chase.

6) You promote your post

Just to get people’s attention, you promote a post just to make your point…Whatizdat?



By: Damilola Faustino

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