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By Damilola Faustino

If your clothes never last long before wearing out and becoming unwearable, don’t blame the clothes, blame yourself. It means you will keep spending on buying new clothes and hating them for not lasting long. If you are tired of your clothes only lasting a short while, apply these methods:

Give your garments a rest

One way to make your clothes last longer when doing laundry is rotating what you wear. Give your sweater or pair of jeans a month or so in the drawer without wearing or washing them. Giving them a break from harsh detergents and high heat keeps their fibres from wearing down too soon.

Store clothes properly

Properly storing clothes is a way to keep them fresh. Fold them away in storage tubs, or hang them.

Avoid too much dry cleaning

Dry cleaning your attire every weekend can harm your fabric. If you use a laundry machine, only launder the clothes and hang them to dry rather than drying them with a dryer. In addition, have them ironed without starch.

Read fabric care labels before washing

Make it a habit to always read the care labels on your clothes before washing. They are not there for fun If it says wash in cold water, believe it. If the label says dry clean only, believe it.

Use dyes to refresh your clothes

One of the best laundry tips is knowing darker colours can fade quickly. The more they are laundered, the more the original dye washes out. If this the case, use dyes to refresh or revive such clothes.

Iron less

Hot iron settings can really wear out your fabrics. So, try as much as possible to iron less.

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