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Turning vegan is not an easy task. It is completely different from being a vegetarian. Going vegan means eliminating animal products from your diet: not only meat and fish but dairy products and even foods such as honey. Many supermarket foods contain trace elements of animal products so searching for what to eat becomes very tricky and sometimes stressful but In the long term, the benefits you reap will be amazing.

If you’ve been thinking of going vegan but didn’t know to go about it, check out below the six steps you need to take towards becoming a vegan:


1. Get ready

Veganism is a significant lifestyle change that requires ongoing determination and commitment. Make sure you’re very clear why you want to become vegan before making the transition.

2. Do your research

Be prepared to put in some time. Talk to vegans about the ins and outs, get onto vegan blogs, acquaint yourself with vegan products, and study the health implications.

3. Read Labels

It takes a lot of time and effort to check every label and find out those food products that might not comply with your new diet. You’ll need to get used to reading the labels on everything and learn how to navigate ingredient statements, so you can identify which ingredients are vegan and which may have hidden animal products.


4. Don’t Rush It

Become vegan in stages, giving the body time to adjust and making lifestyle changes easier. Gradually eliminate meat, dairy products, then all animal products over many weeks, while adopting alternatives.

5. Plan Your Meals

Eating in a vegan style will take some planning and some prep work so identify some websites and cookbooks with recipes that look appealing to you, so you have some of your meals planned out in advance. Once you identify a few recipes you like and can make regularly, it’ll be easier to grocery shop too.

6. See your doctor

It’s important to make sure your vegan diet is well-balanced. This means getting enough protein and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Have a health check before and after turning vegan, and seek advice on a balanced diet. Sitting with a registered dietitian to review your diet periodically is a great idea.


By: Dammy Eneli

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