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Google Maps has evolved a lot over the years, making the jump from your computers to your phones and adding a lot of cool features along the way. In fact, there are so many that we’re sharing our favourite features, along with some hidden tips and tricks.

Add stops to your trip

When you get in the car for a road trip, you rarely go straight to your destination without stopping. You’ll need to stop for lunch or gas or a bathroom break or a detour to visit a cool roadside attraction. Once you program in your destination, it’s easy to add stops along the way. For stops after you’ve started your trip, you can tap the search icon and choose from “Gas stations,” “Grocery stores,” “Restaurants,” “Coffee shops” or to search.

Check current and future traffic

If you want to check the traffic in your area, you need to turn on “traffic” by tapping on the diamond-shaped layers icon on your smartphone app or by selecting the menu button (three bars) on your desktop.

Navigate through buildings

Need to find your seat in a large stadium or navigate to your favourite store at the mall or find your way out of a casino? You’ll find maps of some venues by simply searching for the venues.

Save your favourite locations

Want quick access to all the locations you frequent most often, or just want to save information about a store or restaurant to review later? Maps lets you set Favourites by selecting the “Save” icon. Choose it as a “Favorites,” “Want to go,” or “Starred places” and it will show up on the map. And you want to consult your list, head over to the left menu inside the app, then choose “Your Places” and “Saved” to consult your lists.

It provides you with ride-sharing services

Ride-sharing services are becoming a prominent part of the modern transportation mix. This is the reason; Google has added ride option from companies like Uber to its mobile application. If you wish you ride a taxi, enter your destination and click on the icon. Once you do that, you’ll be provided information on nearby ride-share options along with estimated time and fare. The ride that you will order will be done by the app of the ride-share company.

You can measure any distance

The right-click tool which we just mentioned above will allow you to calculate the distance between any two points on Earth. You just need to choose “Measure distance”. This will drop a point, then click anywhere on the map and you can see the distance between any two points on the earth.

By: Damilola Faustino

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