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By Damilola Faustino

Sometimes, it is really better when you buy fairly used products instead of brand new. In fact, many used items can be every bit as good as those purchased new. Plus, buying used is almost guaranteed to save you cash. Check out our list of things you should never buy new:

buy second hand


To buy a brand new car is quite expensive today in Nigeria. So rather than spending all your money on one, you can get a very good secondhand car at an affordable price.


Your house is another item that it makes sense to buy used rather than new especially when you consider the whole money you will invest in building a new one. This is almost similar to buying a new house.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments are another purchase that many make that could be money down the drain. To avoid buying something overpriced or broken, consider spending a buying at a local music store. Or, better yet, but a used item directly from a shop.


Like vehicles, jewellery typically depreciates in value, which makes it better to buy used than new. Before buying off a private seller, be sure to get an appraisal, particularly if a significant amount of money is involved.


Some of you might disagree, but there really is no reason to spend lots of money on a brand new pet when plenty of pre-loved animals are looking for homes.

Buy used Apple products 

You could buy an iPhone now and in a year discover that there’s a new model available. In other words, Apple products become outdated quickly. So, just buy a fairly used Apple product.


If you are a novel reader, you might overspend if you keep buying all your books brand new. You could join a book club and rent books, or buy the used books. They contain the same information and are just as fun.

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