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Since the politicians took over from the military in 1999, there has been a steady transition of power from one civilian administration to another. Nigeria has to a very large extent gone beyond military coup even though more recently, coup rumours were making the rounds. Regardless, the politicians have not really performed as expected and the fact is many Nigerians are unhappy with them. As democracy day beckons, we take a look at six things Nigerians wish politicians will stop doing.


Making promises and not fulfilling them

Nigerians have tagged politicians politricktians because of their knack for making lofty promises to win elections. When they eventually attain political power, they renege and vehemently deny making such promises. Hence, very few Nigerians trust these politicians.

Become incommunicado when they get to power

They are ready and willing to prostrate for voters when seeking elections. They are the man/woman of the people. They are readily available. However, when power arrives, you are no longer in the same league with them. They become incommunicado. You call and call and call and when they finally pick, it is their P.A who picks and the response you will get is they are not on seat. You are not asking for any favour but you just want him to fulfil his promises.


Some Nigerians have said that corruption is worse under civilian rule when compared to the military. Well, whatever the case maybe, corruption is a serious problem and the government really needs to tackle it. Nigerian politicians are very corrupt. When you read through the pages of newspapers and see the amount stolen, you will be gobsmacked. Corruption has to a very large extent stalled the development of the country. For example, a mouthwatering sum of $9.8 million was found in a hut or shed owned by a former NNPC top shot, Andrew Yakubu.

 Using Favouritism, religion and tribalism to divide Nigerians

Nothing is done based on merit in Nigeria. It must be hinged on favouritism, religion and tribalism. Because he is Muslim or Christian he must get there and because he is Hausa or Yoruba he must not be appointed. Nigerians do not care about who mans any position as far as they get the job done!

Superficial Empowerment programmes

Very few governments have real empowerment programmes for the youth. It is either they are giving them wheelbarrows or sewing machines to empower them. They want the youths to always return to beg for peanuts.

When justice is meant for only for the rich and powerful

A politician that allegedly steals $9.8 billion is granted permission to seek medical leave abroad while an ordinary Nigerian who stole tomatoes or a phone is either beaten to stupour or imprisoned when charged to court. In Nigeria, it seems justice is for only the rich and powerful.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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