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Written By Damilola Faustino
Love is a beautiful thing. You love him and he loves you…cool. However, there are boundaries when it comes to loving someone, especially if you are not married to that person. That means there are some things he does not have the right to ask you do. If he does, he probably does not care about you. Here are some of the red flags to watch out for:
Change your look

If your boyfriend loved your look when you first met, what happened 8 to 11 months down the line that he now laments or complains about your appearance? He wants you to overhaul your wardrobe and change the way you look. He is probably tired of you and does not know how to say it. He should not dictate how you dress.

Force you to have s*x
There is nothing wrong with visiting a guy at home especially if you trust him to be rational when both of you are alone. However, if his libido takes over him and wants to force himself on you without your consent, you should tell him off. If he becomes uncontrollable, you should leave so that he won’t end up raping you. Afterward, never visit him again! If you want, you can break up with him.
Abandon your family and friends
Even if you are married, he should not tell you to cut off your family and friends to the extent that he is the only one you can communicate with. He makes himself your alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. Such a man is dangerous, jealous and violent. If he tells you that, please run away.
Invade your privacy

Privacy is your privacy. You let him know what you want him to know and keep other things to yourself. He should not check your emails and phone, know your account balance and other personal stuff without your consent. It is very disrespectful.

To give up your religion

You may belong to different religious faith but he cannot order you to convert to his own if you do not want to. In fact, before you start dating you should thrash the issue of religion. If both of you disagree and seems that it is his religion or nothing else, please waka.

To quit your job 

He has his job and you have your job. Everyone should keep their jobs. Of course, you are an ambitious and homely woman. But, it is not in the place for your boyfriend to tell you to leave your job without providing you with an alternative like setting you up with a business. He is just prepping you for the position of a full house housewife.

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