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By Damilola Faustino

Monday mornings are a special time of the week. You’re forced to leave the comfort of your bed after a probably relaxing weekend, put on grown-up clothes and at least try to act like a functioning adult for a few days. Obviously, tons of thoughts run through your mind during this period and sometimes, they can do more harm than good to your budding career and stable life. See some of them:


Why did I go to sleep so late?

You are well aware that today is Monday but you are now questioning or regretting why you slept so late.
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Whether it was because of your favourite series or you are just having a good time with your friends, it is all your fault. But don’t let that discourage you into thinking you won’t have a fabulous week. The fact that you failed once, albeit at the beginning of the week, does not mean the rest of the week will go South. Cheer up and face the consequences of sleeping late (which are basically sleeping a little, maybe waking up late, hangovers, getting to work late, etc) and get to action for the week. Chop chop!

Maybe I’m coming down with something?

You try to convince yourself that you definitely have a sniffle and sore throat so you can perhaps call in sick. We’ve all had this thought. But then you realise that the weather has been okay all week and there is no way you can have a cold. So you must actually drag yourself off the bed and make it to work. Who knows? Something amazing may even happen today!

I can skip taking a shower

You mull this idea around in your head until you take a whiff of your armpits and realise that you smell really bad. Then you have no choice than to take a shower. Take it!

Does this top really need ironing?

Of course, you promised yourself you would do your ironing on Sunday and lay all of your outfits neatly. This never happens. Now it’s Monday morning and you have to rummage through your wardrobe looking for clothes that do not require ironing. Well, good luck with that.

Why do I even have to work?

This is probably the most prominent thought that pops into your head, especially on a Monday. You actually explore the idea that you could make a healthy living from your cross stitching talents. When in reality you cross-stitched once, in your entire life. Don’t be deceived. You need the job – especially the pay.

I’m going to work at 100% productivity this week

This mindset lasts until around 9.07 am when you’ve got your morning coffee and find yourself distracted by online shopping and celebrity gossip. Oh well, at least you tried. Lol

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