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By Damilola Faustino

Too many job seekers make the interview process more complicated than need be, thinking they need to do something special to stand out. Actually, you want to focus on the simple over the extraordinary. In line with this, we share ways to stand out during an interview:

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Start your interview from the lobby

The interview starts before many job seekers realise the interview starts. When you check in at reception, your demeanor with the person at the desk is may be reported back to the interviewer. If you’re ready with the name of your interviewer and time of your meeting, you appear organised. If you sit with good posture in the lounge area, you exude poise. Start your interview behavior as soon as you enter the building.

Be excited from the beginning

An important part of your interview attitude is your level of enthusiasm. Employees are always impressed by a candidate that is comfortable in a meeting and especially that seemed excited to be there. Many candidates will be qualified – you want to be qualified and excited for the job.

Minimise your nervous habit

When you sit down with your interviewer, ground yourself with your feet planted on the floor and your hands on your lap or on the desk. If you tend to shake your knee up and down, cross your legs. You know what your nervous habits are, so seat yourself in a way that minimises these behaviors.

Prepare your introduction

You know the interviewer will ask you about yourself – Tell me about yourself or Walk me through your curriculum vitae or what are you working on currently? Set your introduction in advance so you focus on the most relevant skills and experiences related to this job.
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If you have multiple jobs, you don’t want to bury your interviewer in unrelated details. Pick out what s/he specifically should know to realise your fit to the job at hand.


Finally, don’t forget to smile throughout your interview. Smiling relaxes you and the interviewer. It also helps you appear friendlier and develop that connection. If you can even just remember to smile at the opening handshake, smile at the first question and smile at the close, then you have built in at least three smiles for your interview.

Dress for the career you want

Get yourself a good suit that fits you and your style. If you think you look good, you’ll be able to relax and be yourself and focus on selling your abilities. Dress for the career you want, not necessarily the entry-level job you’re applying for!

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