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By Damilola Faustino

When you submit a curriculum vitae, the reality is that recruiters typically scan your document for a few short sections. Your application and cover letter must be in top form for recruiters to take notice. You must learn how to get the attention of your intending employer and increase your opportunities by noting these five skills to highlight your qualifications:


Verbal and written communication

Communication skills are important when applying for a position in any industry. Provide space on your professional CV to showcase your approach to communicating with supervisors, colleagues and the people you’ve managed. In addition, make sure your application features clear and concise sentence structures that are free from grammar to highlight your ability to communicate effectively in writing.

Strategic planning

Employers and HR managers look out for applicants who plan and look to the future. Offer specific examples of how you were involved in developing plans for products and services within previous positions. Outline the success of these campaigns.

Analytical thinking

A candidate who thinks critically is often appealing to potential employers. When writing your CV, provide examples of how you critically analyzed the project flow when working on a particular project. Explain your approach to leadership and give tangible results based on your efforts.

Team work

It’s inevitable that candidates are expected to work with colleagues, clients and executives. Recruiters need to see that you have experience collaborating. Make a list of projects you participated in and detail how your efforts impacted the team’s results.

Leadership Traits

Show you have experience managing teams and coordinating projects when compiling your CV. This is the ideal place to torchlight soft skills such as time management strategies, decision-making ability and self-motivation. Outline your accomplishments as a leader and provide specific numbers that detail large teams you’ve managed throughout your career.

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