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Whether you are a man, woman, child or animal, dressing for a wedding can be a hassle. You have concerns ranging from the right colour, cut, texture, the shoe choice and so on. I know every wedding has it’s requirements like the colour of the day and all that (Thank God for Asoebi!). But even with those, there are still some things you need to keep in mind to make sure you’re the best dressed wedding guest:

White: It’s the bride’s day and it would be nice to give her that honour of being the only one in a white dress. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have any form of white whatsoever on your dress (white polka dots etc), it is just acceptable to stay completely away from an all-white get up (unless that’s the wedding theme. In which case, well done.)


Shorts: The only scenario I can see this acceptable is if the wedding is at a beach. This applies to both guys and girls. Ok cool, you have pretty nice legs and skin to die for but hello please, no one wants to see them at a wedding! People’s aunties and uncles are everywhere abeg- cover up!

flip flops

Flip flops: I think this should actually be made a crime. If you wear flip flops to a wedding, you deserve to be detained by the police and made to pay a fine. This is something I can’t even phantom. It is NEVER okay unless for some reason you have a burn or you are allergic to all kinds of shoes. Weddings are full of dancing and walking about to meet and greet. If you want to be comfortable, you can wear sandals or platforms but flip flops? NEVER.

Jeans: This is meant for a casual outing and from what I (and the rest of normal society) have gathered, weddings are never just another casual outing. Even if the guest list comprises of just twenty people, you owe them to look like you came to a formal gathering and not just a day at the mall. This doesn’t mean trousers are a no-no, just put a lot more effort to that trouser getup and definitely a NO to Jeans.

Drag Makeup: This is for the ladies. I don’t want to watch my wedding video and have to scream in fear because of your made up face. You can look glam with makeup but please bare in mind that cameras are going around and you don’t want to look brighter than usual on film.


Hats: This is to the guys. Leave your nice looking baseball or other kinds of hat at home. Or is it that you people don’t know how awkward it looks when you appear in a suit… paired with a damn hat?! That’s just wrong. Traditional attires have hats that go with them and that’s allowed, but other than that, just comb your hair and look clean.

These are just a few out of plenty for you to take note of when attending a wedding. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to see it at your own wedding, better not wear it to another person’s.


Written by Nkem Ikeh

Image source1: keoneulaes.org, toms.com, alfa-img.com, steveandsherill.blogspot.com

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