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By Damilola Faustino

A good night sleep is not negotiable. It’s not only good for your health and well-being but your sanity too. But if you share your bed with someone who snores, it can be difficult to get quality sleep. While they’re blissfully snoring away in dreamland, you’ll be wide awake, quietly plotting how best to deal with them. Before you confront them, here are the things you should do:


Go to bed before your snoring partner

Going to bed before the snorer does will mean you won’t suffer from the anxiety of waiting for them to fall asleep and begin snoring, which you know will keep you awake. Even if the snoring usually wakes you up, at least this way you can get a head start with your sleep and, you never know, you might even sleep through the noise when your partner joins you.

Try using a white noise machine

White noise is said to work wonders for people with insomnia as they drown out sounds of car horns and dogs barking. They could work for drowning out the sound of a snorer too, creating a calm and peaceful environment.

Record your partner snoring

If they’re in denial about their snoring, there’s only one thing to do – ask the snorer if you can record them. It may seem slightly intrusive, but recording the snoring and playing the sound back to your partner will help them to both acknowledge that there is a problem, and to understand the scale of it.

Buy them an anti-snore pillow

If the snorer in question is reluctant to sort their snores, switch their normal pillow for an anti-snore one. These pillows are designed to create the correct positioning of their head, supporting the neck and head to open up the airwaves.

Wear earplugs

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do than to wear them. Go for a high-quality pair that cancels out the noise rather than muffles it.

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