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Jingle bells are set to ring! Let’s shop smart!

How best can one enjoy the spirit of festivity without food? There is no way on earth this can happen. Food, been an essential part of life is one of the reasons why people come to for festivals and events. So are planning to host a bunch, then you need to shop smart.


Make A List.

Shopping smart requires planning ahead of time. Know what food items you need to stock your kitchen with. Know what food you want to prepare. Draw up a proper plan, write out what is necessary and rule out what is not.


Shop Early

Smart shopping entails you also acting smart. Don’t wait till a week before Christmas before you decide to shop. Stores and supermarkets will definitely increase prices of goods and commodities at such rush hours. Shop early. Buy your drinks and other non-perishable food items in good time. Why spend more?


Make Your Online Orders Ahead 

Are there items on your list that you can’t find in your local stores, then order them online, but in good time. Usually, at the end of November, store are on sale. Use this opportunity to shop smart by spending less.

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Book Ahead For Perishables 

Perishables must be bought two days before the time of use. If there are some that can be blended and refrigerated, then buy that now, blend and refrigerate. Food items that are inevitable and must be fresh, book ahead from your local food store. Pay in advance if you can, so that when the prices go up, you are already covered.


Don’t Buy In Excess 


Don’t buy in excess. You are not feeding an army. Buy just what you need. If you want to go all out on your culinary skills by following a cookbook, then buy just the amount of ingredients required for each recipe. You don’t want to waste anything in this recession. No way!

Have fun shopping for Chirstmas and don’t forget to shop smart.

Written by: Omoefe Ohworakpo


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