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Recently, I was returning from a trip. I decided to woo a girl that I have never met before. Her response was very encouraging and I pressed ahead. For me, it was more like a research. I just wanted to know if she was going to fall. She did not only fall yakata, she was willing to go anywhere with me as far as I have the MONEY to spend.

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I was a bit irritated and disgusted because it was not difficult at all to get her attention coupled with the fact that she fell within minutes.

The truth is that guys love challenges. They do not want a woman who can easily fall for anyone. I am very sure that she will fall this same way for other guys because I observed that her phone kept ringing. I just pitied the girl’s boyfriend.

Can we describe these girls as hungry girls? They are the ones who order more than they can eat. They demand what they cannot afford.

Little wonder many girls are mysteriously going missing nowadays. This is because they just follow any random man who approaches them and they don’t mind getting laid and paid. After all the fun, they are either not themselves anymore or never return home.

And trust guys, they are willing to take advantage of any girl who makes herself very cheap. You are cheap if you give out your body in return for money notwithstanding if it is 50 kobo or 50 dollars.

The annoying thing about these girls is that the money is just for them to buy clothes, makeup and look good. The purpose of this may be for more men to pick them up.

Yes, your prospective husband may be the one who picks you up. However, do not throw caution to the dogs and follow a man you have never met before because of money.

Money is not everything. Preserving your sexuality and self-respect is the ultimate, because that man will surely come some day.

So, guys if you have a good woman or good girl, please do well to appreciate her because they are very rare today. There are so many runs girls out there who do not need to stand at Toyin Street or Allen Avenue.

Girls have a lot of leverage. You should use that leverage responsibly. At least pity your future husband!

Written By Damilola Faustino