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By Damilola Faustino

Love is easy to find but difficult to kick. After the euphoria of finding each other is over, then the real relationship starts. Some people cannot maintain the momentum and they allow their love fizzle out. While for others, they keep the relationship together as if they have just met.

If you are in a serious relationship, you know that social media has a huge impact on your love life. As such, you have to be careful of some of the things you do on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as these can open your relationship to more hazards than it already has:

social media love

Like or comment on ex-girlfriends/boyfriends posting

Unless you are trying to get into an intense argument, do not respond like or comment on the postings of your ex. It is seen as a sign of disrespect to your partner and might give the “ex” a suggestion you are still into them or wanting them.

Keep your sex life to yourself

You will be surprised that some persons do not mind sharing their sex life on social media. The explicitness will blow your mind. Of course, such a person’s lover may not be happy and it is a deal breaker. Even if you are provoked, do not share!

Keep your negative comments about your lover’s parents

It is advisable to keep negative comments about your lover’s parents or extended family members off social media. Your partner will definitely find it distasteful if he or she finds you sharing such a comment.

Money earned, money needed and expensive gifts

Many people love to show off and the easiest and simplest avenue to do this is via social media. So, do not post money earned, money required and expensive gifts. Resist the urge to share these things on social media.

Having old pictures of exes on social media

Imagine your lover surfing their social media page and they find that you still have the pictures of your ex still splashed on your page. And for no reason, you do not have their own pix on your page, It will definitely infuriate them and they may demand that you delete the pictures to show your commitment.

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