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The Nigerian dancehall singer, who recently made his opinion against the Headies nomination known as regards the choice of category, Solidstar recently spoke on several subjects concerning his brand.

As regards his new album ” W.E.E.D,”  Solidstar says;

He ensured he worked with the best producers and featured acts for each track. He also mentioned that his growing up influenced his style of music, which led him to highlife and dancehall.

He added that He initially wanted to be a footballer but that was taking a lot of time.

Furthermore, He said that some still see him as a fluke but he is unfazed as he knows he has put in a lot of work to get to where he is now. Paying no attention to whether he is underrated or not.
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Focusing on the 2016 Headies nomination, He explained; He was really looking forward to a nomination in the Best Reggae dancehall category as he liked the challenge

“It’s gonna be a tough one but I like challenges, I was looking up to the Reggae dancehall category though I appreciate the other category.”

In more things to expect, He mentioned that videos will be shot for practically all the singles of his recent album “W.E.E.D”.

Thanks for sharing, Solidstar.

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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