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Justin Timberlake travelled to Lake Tahoe for the 27th annual American Century Championship over the weekend and was enjoying this prestigious event when he met this stranger who planted a slap on his face.

In a video released by TMZ, JT upon getting slapped tried to keep his cool passing through the throng of crowd along the way, by which time he was already surrounded by security. After a while, the calm singer slowed down still trying to make sense of what had just happened, he then asked the stranger “Bro, why would you do that?”


‘Justin Timberlake- Post Slapped Face’

We are waiting for ‘Mr Stranger’ to give a reasonable explanation and it better be a good convincing one!

The law enforcement agency said the stranger who was responsible for the slapping (we just love to use this word) still stayed within the premises and even became belligerent afterwards, the cops later arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Serves him right.

We gathered that Justin, who wouldn’t let such an encounter spoil his weekend, still had plenty of fun. The singer joined other stars for a brief break dance (don’t you just love JT when he does the break dance?) and other fun activities which we aren’t yet aware of *winks*

Good one JT, we commend you for keeping your calm in the face of adversity


Written by Kikelomo Olowu


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