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Anyone can have a happy relationship if they put in the work. Sometimes the small things like what you say to your partner on a day to day basis may be all you need to make our relationship happier. Once one person is happy, it is easier to share the joy. So here are some things lovers in happier relationships tend to say more often.

happy couple

You make me laugh

Lovers who laugh together have usually the best relationships because they can mutually enjoy each other’s jokes and similar interests. Lovers who laugh together more often tend to have higher-quality relationships.

You are the best

You should create a culture of respect in your relationship by constantly appreciating and showing interest in each other. You should be each other’s biggest fan, communicating excitement over the little and big things. Essentially, kindness served as the glue that held a relationship together.

Your feelings matter to me

Feeling seen, heard, and understood is one of the keys to a happy and successful relationship. It all comes down to being a good listener. Being concerned about your partner’s well-being and how they feel can make for a much healthier and stronger connection.

Thank you

Happier lovers express gratitude and thank one another even for the seemingly small day to day things. Expressing gratitude in your relationship for the big (and especially!) the small things only aids in the other person feeling appreciated and recognized, which is always important and beneficial to someone’s well-being.

You mean a lot to me

Letting your partner know that they mean a lot to you is a good way to show love and appreciation. It lets your partner know just how much you value them. That’s really important if you want your relationship to work.

I love you

This goes without saying, but saying those three words and meaning it is super important if you want your relationship to work. Saying ‘I love you’ is an active reminder of your admiration for one another.

By Damilola Faustino