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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas threw many of us off balance with excitement when she announced her engagement to Joe Jonas, with a picture on Instagram in 2017. She was 21 at the time, while Joe was 27.

sophie turner and joe jonas

While their romance has bloomed quite beautifully over the years, it turns out Turner wasn’t expecting to get engaged at all, let alone in her early twenties.

“I was fully preparing myself to be single for the rest of my life,” she told Rolling Stone, as herself and Game of Thrones co-star, Maisie Williams covered the magazine’s latest issue.

“I think once you’ve found the right person, you just know.” she added.

The actress is 23 years old now, but she says she feels more like 27 or 28. “I feel like I’m much older a soul than I am in age,” she added to Rolling Stone. “I feel like I’ve lived enough life to know.”

Turner and Jonas are planning to get married this summer, Joe revealed on The Late Late Show in early March. “It’s going to be a lot of fun,” the singer said.

Now they live together with two dogs in an apartment in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood, Turner revealed to Rolling Stone, but that would never be her greatest achievement.

The ambitious woman said, “There’s this weird misconception that being married is the greatest thing that’ll ever happen to you. But I’ve always found that my career is something I work for, and when I achieve something, there’s a sense that this is the greatest thing I’ll do in my life.”

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