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Sophie Turner, or Sansa Stark, as we GOT fans like to permanently refer to her, has revealed some really cool tid bits about set life.

sansa stark

While talking about her hair, she also revealed who takes the most care of their hair at red carpets.

Apparently, she wasn’t allowed to wash her hair while filming the show!

“For the first few seasons I was allowed to wash my hair because I was an aristocratic young girl,” she said. “Towards season 5, they started asking me to not wash my hair, and it was really disgusting.”

This gave her such bad hair days that they were disgusting, as she put it. She added that the fake snow particles from the snow machines would blow into her hair and get stuck in the grease. Yuck!

After dealing with the oily life for years, Sophie says she was finally allowed to wear a wig.
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Now, she said she can wash her hair whenever she wants, which is probably why it looks so beautiful all the time.

Meanwhile, she revealed that the actor who takes the most care of his hair is Kit Harington.

“He’s obsessed,” she said. “Before red carpets you would always see him scrunching the ends of his curls to make sure they’re perfect. We all take the piss out on him for that.”

Well, they can take a piss as much as they want, but we love those well-cared-for curls of yours Kit.

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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