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Soundcloud Music Projects  have now become eligible for a Grammy starting from 2018 thanks to Chance The Rapper’s consistent push for the cause.



He had tweeted earlier in 2016 saying the victory was for every artist putting great work on Soundcloud and the likes.




Questioning why The Grammy organizers (Recording Academy) only acknowledged commercially sold records for nominations, when their intended goal was to reward quality music being put out.

The new rules goes thus, that any album released physically, via downloads or streams will be eligible, the music must be streamed on a service that hosts multiple artists, has existed for at least a year and has paid subscription, and of course the music must be original (not infringing on another work’s copyright).

So basically, if you have some sweet music on Soundcloud, then in 2018, this could be you:


grammy award



Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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