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Most fashion shows are usually organised for the women, with little or no male participation. However, a shift in norm is the SAMW which took place from 6th – 9th of July in Cape town. It is Africa’s way of showing men’s devotion to fashion. This is the biggest men’s wear fashion week in Africa and features Nigerian designers, both on top and upcoming, like Orange Culture, Mai Atafo, Tokyo James, Kola Kuddus, Maxivive and Emmy Kasbit

Orange Culture showcased his spring/summer 2016/17 collection, a bold group involving an outburst of colours, flared prints and bow cuts. It screams happy and bubbly summer and spring time.

Orange-Culture-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_284072016_ Orange-Culture-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_284172016_ Orange-Culture-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_284272016_

Tokyo James collection titled ‘Circle of Life’ will literarily bring life to your summer. It shows a daring style with chokers and chains. The colours are close together on the wheel but have never looked so different. The metal touch has a way of holding everything together.

Tokyo-James-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_284772016_ Tokyo-James-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_284672016_ Tokyo-James-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_284872016_

Kola Kuddus’ collection had a tinge of happy in the designs which showcased a lot of yellows. This is the touch of the bliss and brightness of summer and spring time, the disparity between the dark and bright colours gives one a sense of night and day. After a long night, you will always be welcomed with a yellow dazzling ray of sunshine

Kola-Kuddus-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_282572016_ Kola-Kuddus-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_282672016_ Kola-Kuddus-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_282772016_

Mai Atafo’s collection like the designer is about being classy during this time of the year. The collection showcases the fact that even in a classic business wear, there can always be a dash of summer and spring time. with this designer, you can never be afraid to add a bit of colour to a dull business world.

mai-atafo-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_283072016_  mai-atafo-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_283272016_                                         mai-atafo-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_283372016_

Maxivive added a little twist to his collection with the peculiar patterns and a harness. His collection gives anyone a daredevil feeling; a sexy villain in the summer. This daring step will keep anyone connected to the collection.

Maxivive-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_283672016_  Maxivive-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_283872016_                                         Maxivive-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_283972016_

When you think long coats and man bags are out of season, Emmy Kasbit’s collection will change your mind about that. The collection features bold colours and peculiar style. This teaches us that the regular square shaped shirts may soon be going out of style. Unevenly shaped clothes have never looked better. This collection will give you a new understanding of crossover couture.

emmy-kasbit-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_285472016_  emmy-kasbit-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_285272016_                            emmy-kasbit-samw-2016-bellanaijaIMG_285572016_

These designers have given us a better view of the men’s fashion world. They have changed the course of fashion being about what you wear as a man and how it makes you feel. There are bold choices with colour and cut. This in its entirety screams summer. Safe enough for the weather, but classy and sexy enough for work. With designers like this watching out for the African men’s fashion trend, we hope to not go out of style anything soon.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

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