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The amount spent on maintaining a smartphone is definitely on the high side. It has become a recurrent expenditure for some people.


Regardless, you cannot do without your smartphone. Hence, getting rid of your smartphone is not an option. At the same time if you are not careful, you will be spending an outrageous amount on your phone. Therefore, it is important for you to reduce your smartphone expenses. Here are creative ways to reduce the expenses.

  1. Get an ordinary phone

This is quite radical but if you want to drastically lower your phone cost, you should get an ordinary phone. The only money you will spend on an ordinary phone is on a prepaid card. In other words, take a break from your smartphone. It helps. But, the truth is it is difficult. Still, you can try.

2. Use chat apps instead of SMS

The number of individuals who send SMS has significantly dropped. The reason for this is not farfetched. It is because there are more instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook messenger that you can use to exchange messages. The best part is that you can get immediate feedback and you can even monitor when the message gets delivered.

3. Subscribe to the same network with your partner and family

You should use the same network with whoever you interact with frequently. It is cheaper to call similar networks and quite expensive if you subscribe to different networks. Interestingly, since mobile phones can accommodate as many as 3 sim cards, they have all the networks.

4. Be conscious of your data usage

Another way you spend money on your smartphone is via data subscription. In Nigeria, 1.5 GB costs as much as 1,000 on certain networks. And the fact is you will subscribe twice or thrice before the month runs out. So, you should be conscious of how you use data. You can decide to do away with apps and make use of the web version (opera mini). Also, use Wi-Fi if you have access.

5. Turn off in-app purchases

For those who download all sorts of apps on their phones, there are some in-app purchases you have to make to have the full complement of the app. So, turn off in-app purchases so that you don’t have to pay for it. It is quite unnecessary. But you will be surprised that some people pay for these additional fees to download an app. And sometimes, you may not even know you are being billed.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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