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Occasionally, you find it difficult to choose or figure out the cloth you want to wear. Then you eventually decide on an outfit to wear, but you are scarcely happy with what you are wearing, as it is too ordinary and boring. There is no need to change your clothes after taking forever to decide on what to wear. Here are some accessories to spice up these unpleasant attires:


Colourful scarf

Adding a scarf to what you’re wearing can a huge difference. You can style it the way you prefer it. It is about your personal style.


Wear colourful and Unique shoes

A really easy way to spice up a boring outfit is to wear colourful, unique shoes.


Add a belt

There are skinny belts and wider belts, belts that define your waist. Don’t hesitate to use one.


Wear a stylish hat

You can choose any hat including Fedoras, beanies, berets, and bowlers.


Bold Jewelry

Another easy way to add interest to boring clothes is to wear bold jewelry.


Carry a bright bag 

A bright bag is perfect for drab attires

Written by Damilola Faustino

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