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Yorubas from south-west Nigeria are very popular for their peppery stew or soup. It is one of the few Nigerian tribes that use a lot of pepper. Meanwhile for another Nigerian ethnic group, using pepper is like a taboo. This is because many people are scared of spicy food because it has always been a treat for the taste buds. The fact is spicing up your food has some amazing benefits. Here are some of them:

seasoning and spices

Boost metabolism to burn more fat

You may have tried all sorts of foods and techniques for weight loss, but this time it is your favourite spicy food that would help. Capsaicin is known to be a metabolism booster. It increases the rate of fat burning, which may result in quicker weight loss. Those having trouble eating the spicy treat may opt for the sweet peppers that are equally loaded with the goodness of capsaicin but are not having the hot taste.

Develops immunity and prevents critical diseases

Chillies are also rich in vitamins like A, C, B6, and E that are vital for the immune system. It also spices up the low calorie and low-fat food to make it appealing to your taste buds. You can spice up your low-fat oats or salad with some chillies to add a kick to the taste and also make it healthy.

Uplifts your mood

Capsaicin, which is an active ingredient in chilli pepper, stimulates endorphin secretion in the body. The endorphins are said to be happy hormones responsible for uplifting mood. This is the reason why consuming spicy food while in stress may work as an instant energizer. Add some spice to your food and see how it removes all your stress instantly. You can also use spices other than chillies like cinnamon, pepper, and cloves to make the food more spicy and healthy.

Good for your heart

You would be happy to know that having spicy food would reduce your chances of getting a stroke and heart attack. Some spices are known to be having cholesterol reducing and inflammation prohibiting properties that would protect you against sudden heart failure.

Helps digestion

Spicy food is considered bad for stomach lining, but actually, some spiciness is important for digestion. When you consume spicy food, the aroma and taste help in releasing the stomach acids vital for digestion. If you wish to make it safer, include spices like cinnamon and pepper in the food.

By Damilola Faustino

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