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Formula 1

Have you met Ovie, Nigeria’s young Formula 1 driver? 

This might come as a shock to some but football-obsessed Nigeria is slowly getting interested in Motorsport racing. Some even taking their interest a step further by flying to Abu Dhabi to watch what is slowly becoming their favorite sport.

Sadly, there has been barely any note worthy participation of Nigerians in professional Motorsport- until now. 22-year old Ovie Iroro is slowly making waves and has set the record for being the first ever Nigerian to compete in the British Formula Ford Championship, a truly impressive feat.

The young emerging talent began his racing career in 2010, when he competed in the first ever Go-Kart racing completion in Nigeria and won.   He then moved to United Kingdom to study mechanical engineering but, he still made time to race. He participated in the Rye house championship, thereby winning the rookie award.

In 2012, he underwent training by signing up to join a Formula Renault team and the training paid off. Two years after, he became the first Nigerian to ever compete in the British formula Ford championship. Also in 2014, he represented Nigeria in the FIA Young Driver Excellence Programme.

We will be watching this talented young man closely, who knows, he just might compete against Lewis Hamilton someday. And win.


Henry turns down full-time coaching role and quits Arsenal

Former French international and Arsenal star Thierry Henry has resigned as coach of the Arsenal youth team after he was approached by Wenger to assume the role on a full-time basis.

The 38-year old, who had been coaching the youth team on a part-time basis, was recently offered a full-time coaching role by Wenger but according to reports, Henry rejected the offer because he was not ready to leave his Pundit job. Henry, who had been coaching the youth Arsenal players as part of his UEFA A Licence course, will have to find another coaching job in order complete the course.

It has been revealed that former Gunners captain Tony Adams will assume the role as the youth coach of Arsenal.

BarcelonaBarcelona defends epic social media campaign fail

For the benefits of those who don’t know, a few days ago, Barcelona launched a social media campaign in support of Lionel Messi after he was sentenced to prison for 21-months.

The hashtag #WeAreAllLionelMessi trended but for the wrong reasons as fans slammed Lionel for tax evasion and the club for supporting it. In the wake of their backfired campaign, Barcelona spokes person Josep Vives has now defended and sited reasons for supporting the troubled star.

“Messi is being treated unfairly and the club is taking a position to defend him. We are talking about Messi, a lad who was 19 years of age when he signed those contracts and it has been demonstrated that he did not know how it worked at that moment.”

And here is where the club believes the injustice begins. There have been other famous figures who have not been through the same situation as Messi.

“For that reason we have launched the campaign and we will go beyond that because it is just and we will support Messi in any action he takes from now on. We believe in this.”

Sha, let it be known that me personally, #IAmNotAllLionelMessi, because no a) I’m not a multi millionaire and b) I pay ALL my taxes. And yes, that was shade 🙂

Written by Doyinsola Olaniyan

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