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“Spotlight” is a series that focuses on young Nigerian creatives and the amazing things that they’re doing in their various fields. It was started because we wanted to share stories of these young creatives and their individual journies on the path to greatness.

This week,  we’re featuring actor and producer, Jide Oyegbile. Jide is an amazing actor who also has a degree in Medicine and Surgery.

In his interview, Jide who’s popularly known as JBlaze talks about how he started acting, the struggles he faces as a young filmmaker, and actors and directors he looks up to in the Nollywood Industry.

Filmmaker, actor and producer JBlaze

So you have a BSC in Anatomy and an MB:BS in Medicine and Surgery, what made you switch to acting? 

So I am smiling at the word ‘switch’, cause I first and foremost don’t think I stopped acting.  I started stage acting in 1998, and Film acting in 2012.  But professionally when the real money started coming in, I would say that started in April 2018.  

I have always loved acting and film, but due to the country we find ourselves, it is important to have Job security, thus, I settled to school in something I am equally good at and love, which was Anatomy then Medicine and Surgery. 

So I didn’t exactly switch, rather, I have been combining both and gradually reducing the medicine and surgery part.  Presently it is at 80% film and 20% medicine and surgery.

Are you ever going to into acting fully?

Yes, I presently am into acting fully, 80% is a lot.  But medicine can not exactly leave the blood just like that. So once in a while, I do private consultations.

You’re also a producer, what are some movies, short films, series that you’ve produced?

So I’m an Actor, Director, Writer, Producer. 

Films I have produced include: 

-Phantom Zone


-Where is smith?


-Cup of death 


What are some challenges you’ve faced as a young filmmaker in Nigeria?

Money! Money! Money! 

And most young filmmakers are selfish, so using our major tool of collaboration to breakthrough seems difficult.  Everyone believes their own idea is the best and they want to go solo.  Also, proper structure and channel for younger filmmakers aren’t well established. Except for some like the Accelerate filmmakers project.

Are you working on anything right now?

Presently I’m working as a cast in the Dr. Love Series for Uche Jombo productions and also in City Crimes Series for Royal Arts. I’m also working on some commercials. Although they’re all on pause right now though due to the Covid-19 pandemic we’re currently in.  Other than the above. I have a couple of scripts I’m also waiting to jump on.

Who are some young filmmakers you’d like to work with?

Okay, using the word young, might be misinterpreted by a couple. 

But some filmmakers whose works I recently came across and would like to work with are: Kayode Kasum, Barnyee, Amapsalmist, Priye Diye, Ini Adesola, Akay Mason, Sirmefilms and Bola Akanbi

Some filmmakers I have worked with and would still want to work with in the future are Zinhil, Vinnychuks, Adetolafilms, Kreglexproductions, Charles Obi Emere, etc.  The list is kinda long.

Who are some filmmakers that you look up to in Nollywood Both as an actor and a director?

Some directors I look up to are Mildred Okwo, Victor Sanchez, Tunde Kelani AND, Niyi Akinmolayan.   As an actor, I look up to RMD and Ramsey Noah.

If you’d like to follow JBlaze, you can find him on  Instagram and Twitter 

You can also watch his short films on his Youtube Channel


By: Dammy Eneli

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