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“Spotlight” is a series that focuses on young Nigerian creatives and the amazing things that they’re doing in their various fields. It was started because we wanted to share their stories and individual journeys on the path to success.

This week we’re featuring talented actress, Faith Stanley. In her interview, Faith tells us about why she chose to go into acting, the challenges she has faced as an actress, her role models in the Nollywood industry, and what else she does asides acting.

Check out her interview below

How did you get into acting? Tell us about your acting journey.

So I’ve always wanted to act and I’ve always been a fan of entertainment so bad that when AIT’s theme song used to come on, I used to dance in my pampers even in my sleep. Getting into acting took longer than I thought it would because my parents wouldn’t let me due to all the rumors about Nollywood directors. but then this thing kept happening when a production would be working close to my house and ask my parents if I can act for them(as an extra). It kept happening and my parents just said “you know what? Since you like it and it’s coming to you just go for it”. That’s how I got into acting.
I started acting in 2016 My acting journey just started easing up. I started from being an extra that gets paid terribly, doing free jobs to get experience which was not right but I’m glad it’s all yielding positively.
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I used to attend every single audition before I could differentiate the good from the bad ones.  Funny how I was having so much fun under the scorching sun waiting to be auditioned.

What type of role would you like to act that you haven’t already acted?

I’ve always wanted to play the bad guy role. Like the psychopath in the movie or the really good dancer /singer.

What do you do to avoid being typecast?

Pray. As funny as it sounds that’s it I just pray cause there’s nothing I can do about it or at least that’s what I think. I’ve been getting lucky though; playing different characters in different movies but I’m always the daughter. Ha!
Faith Stanley

How do you make sure that you grow as an actor? 

Doing my part like being consistent, focusing, taking my time to research and understand each character that I am given to play, learning new skills every day cause you never know what you might need to do on set, network network network, and getting my body in shape! 

Which Nollywood actor do you look up to?

Genevieve Nnaji because she is the closest to where I’m trying to be

What’s the most memorable thing that has happened to you since you started acting?

Sadly I’m trying to remember something good but it’s all balling down to the perverts in the industry.

Take us through how you prepare for a role, how do you get into character?

The first thing is I read my character bible before reading the scripts in that process I’m creating a back story for my character because if I read the scripts first, it limits my imagination for that character, after creating the back story from my character bible I start reading the scripts then I write down every scene that I appear in and why I appear there, what my mood should be, what was I doing before that and where am I going after that.  This really helps me get into character.

What’s an assumption that people make about acting that isn’t true?

That acting in Nollywood is easy. I tried doing a survey just for fun once and 80% were saying acting in Nollywood is super easy and anyone can do it.

What’s the hardest part about being an actor?

For me, It’s getting comfortable in camp. I really love being on set but I also love sleeping in my own bed

Remember your first acting role? What did it feel like being selected for your first role ever? 

Ha! My first main role was in Ibadan and my dad had to drive from Lagos to the set. I was both excited and nervous. I probably shouldn’t say this but I farted all the way to set, my first scene was terrible I didn’t even know Imoh Umoren was the Director I just wanted to get my lines. I had a bag in my hand as part of my costume and I kept hitting it on my head asking myself why I don’t have the lines. Imoh Umoren was calm and understanding so were the actors but I could hear the laughter from the crew, I didn’t care, the moment I was done with that scene it was like they had woken up a beast I just wanted to do more. Sadly I couldn’t continue on the set cause I had WAEC exams.

What’s the most challenging role you’ve ever had to play?

The most challenging role was supposed to be easy, but I wasn’t getting it for some reason, she didn’t need to do much she just had to be a normal girl going through teenage drama but for some reason, I couldn’t get her at first but I later understood and owed the role.

Asides acting, are you involved in anything else or would you like to do anything else?

Yes aside from being an actor, I’m a baker, a dancer, I draw and sing; I’m starting to put work into my singing.

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By: Dammy Eneli

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