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“Spotlight” is a series that focuses on young Nigerian creatives and the amazing things that they’re doing in their various fields. It was started because we wanted to share their stories and individual journeys on the path to success.

This week we’re featuring the amazing young rapper, Psycho YP. Psycho YP is one of the new wave rappers, along with Blanbonez and Ladipoe, that is bringing a fresh new take to the Nigerian Hip-Hop scene.

In his interview he tells us about his musical journey, what influences his style of music and debunking the false assumptions made about him.


Tell me about your music journey. How did it all start? When did you know that you wanted to go into Music and become a rapper?

I was always around music as a kid so my brother, sister and uncles would just be in a room listening to music/beats and just be rapping to them. I was the youngest in those settings so I wasn’t really doing a lot of rapping but once I got a bit older music became one of the only things I could be passionate about.

Did your parents support you from the onset when you told them you wanted to be a full time musician?

Lool. Not really. They told me to finish uni first which is reasonable. They also weren’t too keen on letting me stay out late to do performances and what not so they’d always be calling and be angry when I got home cus they had to stay up for me 😂. But along the way they started realising I actually had to be at these places because people are actually paying my performance fee and my parents can’t even go to work without some of their workers updating them on what’s on my Instagram page or something so they definitely got a sense of growth in the music and had to support.

What would you call your style of music? What inspires or influences that style?

My style of music is trap/hip-hop mainly because of the beats I tend to use and the high energy silky flow patterns I’d always use in verses that keeps people on the bounce. I’ve obviously been influenced by a lot of international music from a long time ago so there’s a lot that’s grown on me. I don’t really even have to look for inspiration before recording because most times I don’t even write. I just record. All the inspiration I need is already here.

What inspires your songs?

Usually the first thing that comes to my head. Most times I’d just be vibing to the beat and when something I freestyle sounds lit I start recording with that vibe.

What’s your creative process? And how do you get yourself in the mood to make music on the days that you’re not motivated to create?

If I’m not motivated I probably won’t record. I usually record myself so I don’t see the point in forcing the vibe. When the vibe comes I could do 4/5 songs from when I wake up at 8am to 12pm. Once the beat is fire and I’m active then the track is basically done.

Take me through the process of creating your last mix tape: YPSZN 2. How long did it take? What are some of the challenges you faced? How did you select the songs you wanted on the album?

YPSZN2 took a couple months to compile. I did part of it in England while I was in uni and the other part when I was back in Nigeria for holiday.
The main challenge was actually selecting the songs because I had so many to choose from. Very big headache but we made it work

Remember the very first time you performed for a live audience? When was that? How was it? How did that feel?

I was always the type to do talent shows in secondary school so I’ve been in front of audiences but performing my own music I’m still always kind of nervous going up. The first time I did it was in school but it was sick because they knew the song I guess…so that performance was actually kinda nice 😂

What’s an assumption that people make about you that isn’t true?

A majority of people think I watch anime or I’m a huge anime fan. Don’t get me wrong I love the art and commend how long it’s been around, but even as a kid I hardly watched cartoons so I didn’t even know about anime till I moved back to Nigeria and it was all my brother was on about.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a young Nigerian creative?

There’s a lot of stigma around the genre I do so trying to change people’s minds or how they perceive the genre with every drop I have is definitely a challenge but must be done

What’s the most memorable thing that has happened to you in your music career?

The Wizkid link up 🔥

Who are some young musicians that you admire and would like to collaborate with.

Justin Rarri, Loski, Aitch, Unknown T.

Where do you see Nigerian hip-hop going in the next five years?

In the right direction. This new generation of artists are definitely more open minded to the genre and understand the stigma around it. I don’t know what they’re doing to push the movement but I’m sure they’re watching me and doing the needful.

If you want to learn more about what the fresh prince is up to on the daily follow his Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel.
By Dammy Eneli