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John Boyega calls out Sky News over an article on their website subtly comparing a traditional African hairstyle to coronavirus especially with their headline.

On Saturday morning, Boyega took issue with the news outlet over an article published by them, with the headline: “Spiky coronavirus haircut growing in popularity in Africa”.

The article in question refers to a technique that uses threaded yarn to style hair, claiming it has had a resurgence in popularity in Kenya due to “financial struggles linked to the coronavirus restrictions… along with raising awareness that Covid-19 is real”.

John was made aware of the article during the weekend and he was not having it with the headline. He responded to a Sky News tweet with the message: “You lot lost your damn mind putting this on the internet. Which hairstyle did you just call spiky coronavirus haircut? Are you guys okay?”


He further advised that “The media need to make sure they do research before wiring articles like this.”

When another tweeter user further asked if everyone read the article itself, John replied: “The problem is the headline.”

John also quote-tweeted a post from Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson, who wrote: “1. Africa is a continent NOT a country. 2. This is not a haircut it’s African threading, 3. You knew full well what the lady meant, but pushed this headline and angle for your racist satisfaction. 4. You’re encouraging the demonization of black hairstyles.”

The Sky News article in question features a quote from a mother in Kenya, who told the news outlet that she chose the hairstyle for her daughter because “money is scarce” as a result of the pandemic, saying: “The hairstyle also helps in communicating with the public about the virus.”

Other celebrities also commented on the headline and the article itself, asking that it should be reworked. Sky News, however, still has the article on their site.

By: Dammy Eneli

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