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Written by Rolat Abiola Folake (4lake)

Dele was a final year student of the department of Creative Arts. He was tall, handsome, intelligent, popular and above all he was very skilled at playing any musical instrument he laid his hands upon.

Dele had been crushing on Tiwa since they were in year one but couldn’t bring himself to tell her how he felt. One day, he summed up the courage and decided to ask her out in an uncommon way.

He brought his band to the Honours hall of his school (Toyin’s hall of residence) and played beautiful songs outside, asking her to date him. This got the attention of all, even the portals were falling in love.

But to Dele’s dismay, Tiwa said a big NO in the presence of about a 100 people (Dele and his band inclusive).

Let’s talk about the idea of BIG or SMALL.

There are times you feel the urge to start up something new. This could be a crew, a business, a club, an organisation, a band or anything you think would profit or benefit you. The first thing that comes to your mind is I want it big.

Now, using the story above as a point of reference, it only makes sense that one should try starting anything one wants to set his hand on, on a small scale at first; not because it’s not one’s dream to be successful or to be better than the rest but to keep from failing or falling from above.

Don’t get me wrong. Many have started big and are still doing well but isn’t it safer to try small?

Dele would have saved himself a BIG embarrassment by probably asking Toyin out in a SMALL way (although he was being romantic) and saving himself an embarrassment only him could have witnessed.

But take note, starting small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Think Big.

But the fact that risks are meant to be taken doesn’t mean you should build your house by neglecting the foundation of the house and start building walls.

Most successful men and women in Nigeria and the world started what you see as BIG now on a SMALL scale.

Just like Dele, you might have taken years to carry out that plan and deciding to start too big may lead to your own ruin.

Therefore, ensure to try starting on a small scale and at the same time think big so when you make a mistake starting small, it would not end up a BIG DEFEAT.

Have a blessed week.

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