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Starting a food business in Nigeria as a youth is not rocket science. Everyone needs food. In fact, food is one of the basic needs of man. If you are thinking of how you can meet this basic need, you are thinking right! Starting a food business is lucrative in Nigeria as you can never go out of business all year round (provided your meals are mouthwatering). Here is how to go about starting a food business in Nigeria as a youth.

Know The Industry

Do an analysis of the business in Nigeria and the locale for the business establishment. How many food businesses are in Nigeria and the local you are in. Find out what made some business thrive and why some crumbled. Know what type of food ventures get the most traffic in Nigeria.


Know Your Location

Know the population of people living in the area and if you are capable of catering for at least 20% of them. Find out if there is a market in the area and if it is affordable. Know what day has more sales. Know what type of foods are in high demand.

Know Your Strategy

Do you want to have a business that is just like others or you want to be unique and outstanding? Do you want to have a restaurant or a kitchen with a delivery van for distribution? What kind of food do you want to sell?Is it the local or international?


Know Your Staff Strength

How many people will work with you or for you? You have to cut this down to the minimum. As a startup, you don’t need many hands till your brand is bigger and well known.

Know Your Budget

As a startup, it’s important you know how much you are investing into your business. What is your financial capability? Who is investing in your dream? Who are you accountable to?

Success tips for winning in the food service business in Africa

  1. Never compromise hygiene, food and service quality.
  2. Patience, Hardwork and Perseverance.
  3. Work on creating a loyal customer base.

Image Credit: wisegeek.org

Written by: Ohworakpo Efe

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