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By Damilola Faustino

The definition of a deal breaker depends on the individual. For some women, a man who smokes is an absolute deal-breaker. For others, a man with who cheats will send them running in the opposite direction. A deal-breaker depends on morals, ethics and individual personality. But, generally speaking, here are the common relationship deal-breakers, especially for Nigerians:


This is an individual decision. If a woman doesn’t smoke, then chances are she wouldn’t want to be with a smoker. Even if you only take a few sticks when you are out with friends, being a smoker is a total turn off for them, especially when it involves kissing and cuddling.

You do not want children

For a significant number of women, this is the number one deal-breaker and they will not compromise. If she wants children and meets a guy who is either unsure or says definitely no, then she may not date you. You can defer on the number of kids you want but not on having kids.

Religious beliefs

If a lady is from a strict religious background, she is not likely to marry someone who is not of that religion. So, what you believe in can either allow a relationship to thrive or spell absolute disaster. If this is the case with you, do not bother to love someone who is outside your religious circle.

You flirt with other girls

There’s a huge difference between being nice and flirting. If you get too close or touchy with other women, it’s an indication that you do not respect your partner. That kind of behaviour is unacceptable, and if it doesn’t change, then your woman will move on.

You’re too critical

Women are very emotional. Hence, you must be gentle when it comes to words you use. Be caring and do not frustrate them.

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