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By Nkem Ikeh

Some people go through their school life without experiencing any form of protest or riot. However, if for some random reason this happens since we are all for standing for your right (peacefully of course) it is possible to have a few things up your sleeve to keep you safe.

Governor Wike Leads Protest Against Rivers State Police

  • In the case of an outbreak of violence, remember to stay calm. This always sounds like a bad advice because once the adrenaline kicks in, you will act first and think later. Besides, This Is Nigeria! Definitely, your adrenaline will be off the roof, however, keep your emotions in check. It takes a lot of effort to remain calm but this will enable you think faster and smarter. When you get yourself to safety, you can now begin to panic but it will surely be worth it.
  • If the protest is now unstable, try to not get caught in the moving crowd and that is what remaining calm helps with. As fast as you can, leave the area and if you have to run really fast then do so as well. Being calm will help you get to the right exit. Don’t forget to keep your head down and odds are you will get pushed, don’t retaliate.
  • Stick to the edge of the crowd it is much safer to stay away from the agitator and leaders. This way, when it is time to run, there is not a lot of people blocking your way in front. Obviously, there might be a door or street that you can sight and run into.
  • Have a small amount of cash with you and keep your valuables hidden away properly. Bring along only what you need. Ladies should have their purses run along the front bodies with one hand on it while men should have their wallets or cell phones in their front pockets.
  • With a lot of people around, it is possible to trip and fall so watch your step. You could be trampled on in the case of a stampede and suffer some bad injuries, this is definitely something you don’t want to happen.

No one goes out on a peaceful protest and expects it to become violent, however, when that does happen, it is better to be safe than sorry

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