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If you are heavy on the Pokemon Go craze then you probably have spent some money on in-app purchases already and will therefore find this article rather interesting.

The hugely popular Pokemon Go app was hit by a bug over the weekend. Previously, the tracking feature in the game allowed a set of footprints to appear in the virtual environment whenever you are close to a Pokemon; three footsteps for when the Pokemon is far away, two footsteps for when you get closer to the Pokemon and one when you are in range of the Pokemon. What the bug did was cause situations where you can’t tell when you are close to a Pokemon anymore and you just had 3 sets of footprints all the time.

Picture from the pokemon go game

Picture from the pokemon go game

In a smart move to exploit the opportunity, the website “POKEVISION” used the software of the Pokemon Go app to create a website where you can find these Pokemon. Sadly the developers of the app responded that they considered that cheating for users thus defeating the purpose of the game.

Pokémon developer Niantics then moved fast to fix the bug. Yay!

Hold up, what they did was basically take out the tracking feature and throw in an upgrade that made the sites like the one developed by Pokevision not work anymore. #Bummer

The apex of the drama was twofold; first there’s the lack of sufficient communication from the Niantics Company and trolls discovered that the assigned community manger from the company was actually less of a community manger himself. Then there’s the fact the update caused a lot of people to start from the beginning, causing them to forfeit all their progress so far. A girl in my office was a victim of this loss and has been reduced from a level 9 trainer with around 40-something pokemon to a damn newbie. Sigh…

Anyway people have gone on to iTunes to lay complaints that app they have spent money on is not working effectively and BAM! They get the cash spent on in-app purchases refunded straight up. I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of surprised they’re cashing out. Apps break down, crash and mess up all the time- and those are apps that you had to pay for in the first place!- and they never usually do anything like this. I’m less inclined to think it’s out of the goodness of Niantics hearts and more to do with the fact that they have A LOT of cash to spare. Which wouldn’t be surprising considering how well the Pokemon Go app is doing.

Don’t think this has affected the companies dominance in the iTunes charts though as Pokemon Go still comes in at number one in the free app download section.

Written by Abiodun Laaro

Images: cnet.com

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