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Many a time, you get entranced by an Instagram page filled with all the fashionnova-esque high street pieces that will make for a winning wardrobe.

You scroll through the page, you see the prices below the images and you’re amazed at how cheap they are selling these items.

You think for a second, debating in your mind if this is real or a dream.

You engage through DMs or sometimes via WhatsApp (for the pages with phone numbers).

You get a warm response, you place your order and make a bank transfer to secure your items and ensure delivery.

Now this is where the stories may differ; you might want to confirm the exact date of delivery so you message the page again or maybe you’ve changed your mind about an item and you want to remove or add ‘said item’ to your shopping cart ; so you quickly reach out to the brand before your items are dipatched to pass across your message.

The result is usually as follows; one tick (undelivered message) on whatsapp or a number that will never ever go through (for you) again.

Welcome to the world of Instagram Scams!


Now my loyal readers, I have tried and tested a good number of all these Instagram stores so you will never fall victim and these are the few that I rate.

  • Diva_M_Collections: (Also has a stand alone store in Egbeda)
  • Fusion Trendz (accessory outlet): (Also has a stand alone store in Magodo)
  • Andrias World: Workwear clothing (Also has a stand alone store in Victoria island)
  • Miskayboutique: (Also has a stand alone store in Lekki)
  • KYLuxury: (Also has a stand alone store in Lekki)
  • Wodi Benuah2: (Also has a stand alone store in Lekki)
  • Moe collections: Retail Store
  • Isabella_shopng: Personal shopper’s curated finds
  • Thrifts by Moe: Vintage finds
  • Cart_trends (Link attached)
  • Belleza Audacce: (Bandage Dresses)
  • Petitiandco: (Bandage Dresses)

These are The ones to stay away from!

Any store that copies a brand you already know of but misspells the name e.g. by repeating the last letter of the brand name, and uses that name as their handle. Just don’t bother with that store, more often than not, its not a back up page (for the store you already know and love) its more of a backstabbing page.

e.g. @andriasworldd  @trishiacollections and the likes

If this list get’s updated, my darlings, you’d be the first to know.

In the meantime, try them out and share your thoughts.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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