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With the lockdown being eased and the reopening of recreational venues, Lagos nightlife is making a comeback. Most spots have already started announcing opening hours, booking availability and most importantly, health and safety precautions being put in place.

However, while the excitement of finally being free to go out and dine in builds, it is important to remember that Corona is still lurking in the air. Did we really have to remind you? Yes, yes we did.

To avoid returning to phase 1, it is necessary to follow guidelines and take certain things into account before leaving your house for a night out.

  1. Make reservations before leaving your house. Policies differ and it is important to find out the best time to book or make reservations beforehand. Don’t be left stranded with your group of 10 friends outside of Atmosphere Rooftop because you did not book your table 24 hours earlier.
  2. Maintain physical distancing. Give other people space and ensure you are vigilant about your surroundings. These are strange times and if you feel the need to tell someone to “ please shift” do not hold back.
  3. Take your PPE with you and follow guidelines. Most places are being strict about who they let in and certain requirements are necessary. Only take your masks off when necessary and ensure your bottle of hand sanitiser is ready to be used.
  4. Feeling something at the back of your throat? Feeling unwell? Feeling out of breath? Cancel those plans, stay at home and enjoy virtual events until you feel better.
  5. Remember…there is still a 10pm curfew! Most places are closing by 9:30, which gives you 30 minutes to make it home. Keep in mind that with this lockdown ease, Lagos traffic is coming back in full force.

By: Oshoriame

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