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Steps To Getting The Perfect Ombre Lips

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Ombre lips are really cute! Obviously. But many ladies struggle to achieve this beautiful lippie for obvious reasons. They give you a mature look and absolutely redefine your entire makeup glam. Your worries are over. Here is a step-by-step way to achieve an excellent ombre lip makeup:

Step 1: First, moisturise your lips with a good hydrating lip balm. If you have rough lips, use a lip scrub before applying your lip balm. Afterward, apply a light concealer to hide any lip pigmentation on your lips.

Step 2: Take a deep colour lip pencil of your choice and define your lips. Create a shorter stroke from the top most lip area and line your lips completely.

Step 3: Then take a lipstick and top it around the areas where the lip liner was applied earlier. Use a thin lip brush to blend the lipstick with the lipliner to give you a perfect lip finish.

Step 4: Smack your lips together but do not rub. Then use a tissue paper to blot your lips softly. It will help remove the harsh edges and excess lipstick from the lips.

Step 5: Now apply a very bright colour on the centre of your lips. Use a thin lip brush to blend the colour together carefully to get rid of harsh edges.

Step 6: Then apply concealer with a thin brush around the tip of your lips to clean up the edges and make your lips brighter and sharp.

Bam! Check out your results with pride.