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By Sochima Eze

Lagos is simply the land of opportunities, some call it no man’s land because anybody can make it here. The biggest city in Africa never sleeps, so why should we? If you are a part of the yet-to -be successful millions struggling to survive and make it in Lagos then you have to be ready, buckle up and move. Here are some tips to help you on the way to success:


Rise Early: If you really want to be successful in the dream city of Lagos, you must make rising early a habit. You create some extra personal time by so doing. You must also not be scared about moving out early because Lagos never sleeps. More so, you can afford time to plan your day ahead. Additionally, rising early will help you immensely if you live the ‘9-5’ life because it affords you time to beat traffic and appear punctual.

Re-invent Yourself: Packaging na every every’ was the very first advice I got on arriving Lagos. It is quite simple to comprehend; you must appear the way you wish to be heard, you must dress the way you wish to be addressed. Packaging has fetched a lot of Lagosians fame unheard of. If you need a reminder of the power of re-invention aka packaging, then you should probably download Instagram. However, the real packaging transcends social media, so you’re advised to do more of real life packaging, because asides perception and the notion of self-impression, packaging aids confidence and self-belief.

Be Unique: Strive to be original every other time. Have something peculiar about you as opposed to doing what everybody is doing. Lagos has a population of about 21 million, so if you wish to behave like everyone you’ll eventually go crazy or get lost. Demand for services is on the rise in Lagos and is still rising. You can make it simply by being unique as many have.

Save Money: If you are not ‘Otedola with the money’ or Dangote with the refinery, please try not to spend aimlessly in Lagos. Money is always of the essence no matter the endeavor you wish to take on. Save more, not only because Lagos will present you with too many rainy days, but because you need to be financially secure to be successful in this city.

Triple Your Hustle: It is important to take every reasonable step possible to multiply your income stream. The fact is that as a result of your saving everything else increases in the future, investments and spending inclusive. And when that time comes, you will enjoy Lagos like never before.

Improve Your Network: ‘Show me who you know and I’ll tell you who you are’ is the alternative motto for this land of opportunities. First, you must learn how to establish relationships by meeting and leaving a lasting impression on people every day. Secondly you must learn to sustain those relationships by keeping tabs and constantly improving your social skills.

Determination: Your level of determination determines how fast and how well you run the race to success. If you are not determined you cannot succeed in Lagos, thus if the opposite has been incorporated into your mindset in the past, it’s time to dump it for good. In fact, there is no better way to preach the need for determination, because determination is the spirit of Lagos. The truth is that many have come to Lagos with empty Ghana-must-go bags, but now they boast of mansions in Banana Island, just ask around.

Now, go and be successful!

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