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Imagine someone named Tolu finds himself in possession of some information about Bola that she would prefer he not reveal to anyone else. So he offers her a deal: “Pay me 1,000,000 Naira and I’ll keep my mouth shut.” Is that wrong? The answer is Yes. That is what we call blackmail.

Blackmail is a term often thrown around somewhat loosely. Often it is used to mean that someone is making you do something you would prefer not to. That is not technically the definition of blackmail.


Blackmail is a threat to harm someone-most times physically or emotionally- if they do not do something the blackmailer wants.  True blackmail is a serious crime. It can have devastating emotional, financial, and social consequences, subjecting the victim to intense psychological trauma. That is why it is important to know that blackmail is not something to joke about.

Things You Should Know About Blackmail:

-Blackmail is viciously used by manipulators to reap from where they haven’t sown, or infuse fear of the unknown on their victims for their selfish quests.

-What is the worst thing that could happen? Real blackmail poses more than an inconvenience. It can create irreparable harm, either physically or emotionally.

-Blackmailers have just one goal, and that is to instill fear in you so that he/she can manipulate you to satisfy their selfish quests.


What To Do When You’re Being Blackmailed:

-Make Peace with yourself: Blackmail can become an excellent tool for your freedom. You have lived for so long with that guilt, pain, and terrible feeling. It is time to let go and make peace with yourself.

-Face the issue and the blackmailer head-on: Show the blackmailer you aren’t afraid anymore. In case you had shown weakness earlier, take back your power.

By: Dammy Eneli

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