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So a young gentleman woke up this morning and decided that he wants to carry Eromz’s love life on his head. He has been tweeting a series of tweets about Moe Odele and how she is taking advantage of Eromz, and how she should let him heal. Because I have time this morning, I have decided to explain to this man, why what is going on between Moe and Eromz is none of his business.

In case you’re not aware of what’s happening with Moe and Eromz, check out the series of tweets below:

So apparently they went out for dinner, came back, and continued flirting online. After these series of tweets, the whole TL scattered and started planing wedding with wedding colours of protest white and Feminist coalition yellow.

Then the next day, this young man tweets this:

Initially, I understood the concern, till I saw the second sentence. See as he is sounding like someone’s dad, telling them that they’re flirting and hormones can wait. Sir, is it your hormones?? TF?? Then he went on to tweet a series of tweets and of course, he had a lot of Nigerian men agreeing with him. See the tweets below:

Okay so first of all, why is it that Nigerian men can never just fight for men? Why must the roles be reversed all the time? It’s always “If the roles were reversed, feminists would bring the world down”, “If the roles were reversed, women would be making noise up and down”, how about you focus on fighting for the man you have decided to fight for without including women.  If you think what she’s doing is wrong and you want to defend your fellow man, then go ahead but leave women out of this and stop with the role reversal.

By the way, if the roles were reversed, the reason why it wouldn’t have gone well on the TL is because there is a looooong history of men taking advantage of women who need help or whom they have helped, and we all know this. So when we see a thirty-plus man chasing after a 26-year-old woman whom he just helped, even though it looks legit and consentual from both ends, our first instinct is to “attack” because we’ve seen (or even have been in a position) where a man “wants” or feels like he deserves something from a woman whom he just helped. You can call it PTSD.

So stop making noise about “if the roles were reversed” because 99.9%of the time the roles have been reversed!

Lmaooooo he’s talking about it like Moe kidnapped Eromz. If Eromz was a “victim”, and he couldn’t resist, there’s no way he’ll be tweeting about it this much. Eromz even quoted this tweet and said he was fine and made a joke about sending Moe a good morning text, so rest.

Chasing him since when he was locked up??? Ah ah now, calm down with the lies

Oya you, go and help him, since you have seen that he needs help and he can’t cry out.

??????? please between men and women, who is the gender that can’t handle rejection? Do you think women are like men who would punish you or kill you for saying no to their advances? Please.

HAHAHA the second tweet is so hilarious when I saw it, I almost spit out my water because I couldn’t hold my laugh.  You do realize that Eromz is also part of the so-called “theatrics” right? He’s been tweeting about it, even more than Moe. So how is the public opinion stopping him from leaving when he’s even the one encouraging it.

Last last what Moe and Eromz are doing might even be just bants, and they’re actually just friends, so this one that you people seem to be carrying the matter on your head, I don’t get. And even if it’s actually serious, they’re two grown adults and it’s consentual, but if you are worried about Eromz, how about you send him a DM and ask him how he’s doing?

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk

By: Dammy Eneli

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