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I don’t doubt that as a living, breathing human that lives on Earth, by now you’re aware that the Queen mother of the Beyhive, Beyonce is pregnant.



beyonce is pregnant




bey is awesome


Listen to Formation while you join me in basking in the glorious knowledge that very soon there will be not one, but TWO more little pieces of Beyonce in existence.



One of the best parts about this glorious news is the internet’s reaction. When Beyonce sneezes, Twitter has a field day. So you can imagine how insane it got with this news.

bey tweet 1


Some people managed to relate Bey’s pregnancy to the higi haga state of the current American administration:

bey tweet 2


While others took the opportunity to point out what this pregnancy means to Kim Kardashian:

bey tweet 3


TBH, I don’t know why we’re surprised. Beyonce drops surprise albums all the time. Of course that’s how she’d drop her babies:

bey tweet 4


We’re just happy that it’s happening now when we all need it most:

bey tweet 5


I think in honor of this great pregnancy, it’s time we give Bey a more appropriate name:




Congratulations Bey and Jay!!!
bey and jay


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