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#What’sUpsettingMeAndMyHomegirls: The fact that female protesters are being harassed

Since last week, Nigerian youths have been going out to protest for the #EndSARS campaign every single day, and let me just first of all just say how proud I am of my generation, the generation that didn’t back and watch while people were being killed. Wahala for who no fear this generation!

Shoutout to all my women who are out there doing the damn thing! You can’t even deny that women haven’t heavily contributed to this movement, I’m so proud of every one of you and I’m proud to be a woman! The feminist coven is out there working! A big shout out to my presidents FK Abudu and Aisha Yesufu! The next time feminists are talking, if I as much as hear pim from any man trying to oppose us, I will fight!

Speaking of women, there were many people attacking women who were talking about gender issues in the midst of the #EndSARS movement. But I don’t understand, why are you upset, did they lie? These women were talking about how women are at the forefront of this thing ready to fight for men but when women are fighting for their rights, you’ll only see a few men, is that a lie? All they’re saying is let’s keep the same energy when it comes to women, simple.

Now, getting to the point of this article, I’ve seen many tweets about men harassing women at these #EndSARS protests. Let me get this straight, women are out there protesting for people to not be killed (the majority of the people being men) and these same men are sexually harassing them??? Can women get a break FFS!  How evil do you have to be to do such to a woman who’s out there fighting to stay alive? While she’s protesting for men not to be harassed by the police, men are harassing her! Ah ah now!

I saw a video of a couple of men beating a man who sexually harassed a woman at a protest and I was so happy, I watched that video over and over again! This is the energy we need! Don’t sit back and watch other men harass other women!

STOP SEXUALLY HARASSING WOMEN!! Not during protests, not hile at home, not in Church, not in the mosque, not anytime or anywhere! Is it too much to ask for??? Do better! And while you’re at it, don’t forget #EndSARS.

By: Dammy Eneli 

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