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Written By Damilola Faustino

Your customers are kings and they are always right even if they are wrong. They are the livewire of any business. Afterall, without their patronage, your business or enterprise will be stagnant. If care is not taken, and you are nasty to them, the consequences can be dire. This is why corporate organisations do not joke with customer service. In line with this, we share tips to ensure that your customers are loyal.

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Offer them exclusive discounts

Loyal customers will be the one to sell your business. This will help you acquire more customers. The rule of thumb should is to make one customer happy and watch as he/she bring others to patronise your business. You can do this by offering them exclusive and mouthwatering discounts.

Call them on special days

Banks including Access Bank send birthday wishes to their customers. It is not about sending the message, it is the fact that the bank or business remembers the birthday of their customers. So, if you have this data, you should endeavour to reach out to your customer on their special days or celebrations.

Get your customers talking

You can establish a customer interactive forum where you will have the opportunity to meet and greet your customers. At the forum, they will be able to express their grievances and opinions about your business. You should make sure that you find solutions to all their problems at the forum and if you cannot, you should inform them that you will get back to them (make sure you do so). Use their feedback to improve or better your services.

Customise products 

You should customise products for your customers from time to time. When a customer buys a certain amount of goods, you can deliver it with a personalised goodie bag. It really works.

Befriend them online

Identify your target audience or market online and befriend them. You befriend them by engaging them across all social media platforms. Also, you can introduce a competition or campaign where your audience will win something no matter how small.

Respond ASAP to enquiries

Social media has simplified talking or interacting with customers. So, when customers make enquiries or have a complaint, you should try to respond and resolve it ASAP. It shows that you value your customers.

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