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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

I have heard a Nigerian mother once scold her daughter, “You are too skinny, you should not wear styles like ‘off shoulder’! It makes your neck look longer.”

LMAO, that statement was so hilarious, I could barely stop laughing.

But here’s the thing. She is an African mum and they are bound to say things like that so don’t be discouraged.

Truth is, off shoulder could not be more appropriate for a skinny person than it already is. I mean, long neck is supposed to be a compliment. Hello, models have long necks and oval faces for a reason.

So the off shoulder trend is the ‘in thing’ at the moment and we are absolutely crushing on trendy ways this style can be rocked.

Whether skinny, average, tall, short, chubby, big, whatever your size and features, you will definitely rock the off shoulder style with a buzz.

Find below, 10 beautiful ways you can rock ‘off shoulder’:

os1 1. An off shoulder top works gorgeously with a flannel, old school skirt. This one is not just off shoulder but is combined with the cape style, giving additional flavour to the style. So your shoulders can sway in synchronisation, as your hips sway through your skirt.

os22. The same off shoulder cape style can be combined with a pair of skinny jeans, tucked in to show off your beautiful African butt, while conserving your upper features, in a subtle yet sensual fashion.

os33. An off shoulder dress shirt speaks casual fashion, especially when paired with those beautiful tattered jeans you have been wondering what to do with. Nothing works better for a day of relaxation and doing just as you please.

os44. A cropped off shoulder for a daring fashionista. Show off your midriff in a classy, fashionable way. This can be paired with boot cut jeans for a full glowing effect the Beverly Hills way.

os55. This one is my absolute favourite. The off shoulder denim dress communicates total creativity and out of the box thinking.
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Works for virtually every situation and it is so simple, all you need to add is a hand bag. It also allows for so many options of footwear to pair it with, from the sneakers, to the slippers, giving you room to express your fashion your own way.


6. Switching to the Nigerian ‘Owambe’ mode, we all know off shoulder is the ‘in thing’ for aso ebi. We just love how the neck of this off shoulder dips in a sweet heart shape, and pulls out unto her shoulders. She then makes the rest of the dress a simple flowing princess style. This style is so daring and fashion-forward.


7. Off shoulder and cape have officially become sisters. It is so hard to have one without the other and we can see why. The cape/off shoulder style here is so attractive and classy, especially when paired with a trendy brooch pendant and a great bod.


8. Now, besides off shoulder and capes, another thing triples the combination and that is a great ball. With this well-styled and perfectly cut-out off shoulder, a full, big ball is the next best thing. Plus the ball helps to hide a big tommy and keeps your waist looking tiny in a Disney princess fashion.


9. Paired with a ball dress, this off shoulder accentuates your long neck and slender arms with the thin straight line it comes in. We call this the ruler off shoulder style.


10. You should know we are crazy about some creativity and we applaud this style for thinking outside the box. The dress still has a hand on its own, but an off shoulder kind. The mixture of ruffles, accessories and ankara has us drooling. So why don’t you think of a creative way to go about your next off shoulder outfit?

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